The Pacific Northwest’s largest and most comprehensive distilled spirits and liqueurs awards program.  The Seattle International Spirits Awards (SISA) will host a one-day single-blind evaluation of local, regional, national and international craft and popular distilled products from around the world, recognizing and celebrating world-class spirits with consumers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals.  

Why Enter?

The Seattle International Spirits Awards provide a wealth of promotional benefits, media assets, consumer awareness, talking points, press opportunities, professional acknowledgement, consumer credibility and celebration.  Your artisan, craft, and commercial spirit or liqueur will be recognized for distinction in quality, flavor, complexity and authenticity.


Tasting Panel features local, national and international industry professionals. Samples evaluated in category flights and scored individually by teams of panelists Recognition:  Best of Class, Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards.


Artisan, Craft and Large Distilleries and Producers from around the world.

Registration Deadlines:

  • Entries must be registered and received by: April 2, 2019
  • Results Announced: May 1, 2019
  • Awards Mailing: May 20, 2019
  • Gold Medal Tasting Expo ~ Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019

How to Enter?

Requires (2 ea.) 750ml-1000ml or (3 ea.) 375ml-500ml samples.

All parcels must include copies of: Registration, No Charge Invoice, Check or Payment Receipt, and Technical/Ingredient Data.

Register on-line and ship UPS/Fed-Ex or hand deliver: (2 ea.) (750 ml -1000ml) or (3 ea.) (375ml -500ml) samples per entry along with entry form, no-charge invoice, check or CC receipt.

Send tracking info via e-mail:  Chris@Cocktailchampion.com

Use the tool bar on the top right of the PDF Spirits Awards Form to print and download:

Please enclose one printed form per shipment and send to:

2700 Fourth Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98134

Official Entry Criteria & Guidelines

Spirit Categories Codes

Use these codes to designate your spirits entry category in the PDF form above.

  1. Spirits/Liqueurs must be distilled and bottled by a licensed and bonded distillery.

  2. Spirits must be authentic, represented and submitted as true to category and accepted internationally as correct by definition of category.

  3. All category distillates must be 100% of stated grain/sugar/ferment source unless otherwise defined by local, regional, or national laws and regulations governing distillation with the exception of “Other” and “Open” categories.

  4. Entries must be accompanied by technical data listing: alcohol by volume, spirits source material or mash-bill, water source, added ingredients, flavors, and retail price in USD $.

  5. Each entry requires (2 ea.) bottles (750 ml -1000ml) or (3 ea.) (375ml -500ml) samples.

  6. All shipments must include a “No Charge/Samples Invoice”

  7. All samples become property of Seattle International Spirits Awards (SISA).

  8. All logos, labels, and bottle shots may be used for awards promotion by (SISA).

  9. No Refunds or Product Returns.

  10. Evaluation process is strict and single-blind meaning disclosure to the tasting panel includes: Category of Spirits and Liqueur, Age Statements, Country of Origin for AOP regions, but neither price, producer, nor shape of bottle, label or enclosure.

  11. All entries are proofed by a team of Certified Sommeliers and Bar Professionals for soundness and correct consistent temperatures for serving.

  12. The Tasting Panel has locally distilled pure water via Individual Dropper as a dilution option to enhance aroma, taste, balance, complexity or preference.

  13. SISA Executive Director, Christopher Chan has sole-authority to resolve any/all questions, problems, challenges and concerns in regards to the process, protocols, tasting scoring and evaluation.